Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dear SLanta

Ok so I cannot believe this weekend is Christmas already. Can you? Where does time go? Well I was reminded by friend Alicia's blog post that I hadn't written this year to SLanta. How could I forget such a thing? Its been a busy year so that's my excuse lol Ok here I go...

Oooooh Christmas cookies!
*Photo taken by KelloTaganov GossipGirl*

Dear SLanta,

How's it going? I bet you & the elves are rushing to prepare last minute holiday stuff. As I'm sure you can see, I've been a really good girl this year in both worlds and should be on the nice list accordingly. In my real world I dealt with a lot. Both good stuff & bad/chaotic stuff. In my virtual world I have had some pretty good times with friends & family. I got to make new friends, helped those who were going through rough times, shopped a bit, had some friends get married, some had babies and overall its been great.

I don't like asking for presents but seeing as you, the elves and my silly friends are going to ask, then I thought I'd list a few things. I prefer giving than receiving because I feel bad but I'm getting better at it & it does make me smile when someone thinks of me or sends me something.

1. First & Most Important: No Pain or as little as possible during festivities
2. Gift Cards to What Next, Funky Junk, Atomic, Elikatira, LISP Bazaar, Boom
3. Tee*fy Callia's Soft Leather SImple Flats in Black, White, Pink, or any other color
4. The Loft - Castara Kitchen Sink Unit (Blue/White) I know you might ask why not the rest? I'm simple & don't need much. I just love this kitchen & the loft for that matter lol
5. Every day type Jewelry
6. this dress in any color (blame Katey)

I don't expect anything. I have a lot of awesome things & awesome people in my life. I want to feel great, I want my friends & family to feel great/happy/healthy, and for everyone to enjoy themselves this holiday season & in general. Merry Christmas SLanta I promise to leave you yummy cookies & milk.

Renee GG

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