Monday, June 28, 2010

Too much thinking!

Hello Lovelies!

I don't know if I told you but I hate thinking sometimes lol sigh

Lately I have not been sleeping very well due to excruciating pain. I still do not have an appointment for the surgery & the pain likes to be in charge. Oh and no meds seem to help it either, just my luck!

I am still trying to figure out a plan for my SLife. It's not easy to find a job that works around your schedule. Unfortunately its no ones fault but there are limitations for me. I have a schedule for my medical stuff as you know, I am in chronic pain & never know when I can log in as in time wise. As for creating well I am great with ideas but not so much the creating aspect. Granted there are tools full perm but it gets pricey.

I'm not even so concerned about monies to shop, but mostly just the 1700L monthly for my little parcel which is my peaceful spot.

On another note my friends rock. I can always count on my RL & SL friends to keep me laughing lol the silly jokes, crazy stories & random pictures are just priceless :)

Now I did cheer myself up a bit with this weekends 50L Friday, other discount events & my fave Spruce Up Your Space. Only problem was last night I finally decided on which items I wanted but SL kept crashing me. It goes unresponsive then the SL screen is white & won't close so I end up restarting the computer. Bye bye good deals! GRRR

Oh and another SL glitch! Have you ever gotten the glitch where you click buy but button never loads? Well that happened to me when I went to Molto Bene. The creator recently released 2 versions of this awesome house that I fell in LOVE with and had them on sale for the weekend. For the regular price of the big version, you could get the 2 houses. So I thought I'd buy both for the price of one. Well nope SL is a hater lol Now they are both back to regular price and sadly I can't afford it right now when there is no income coming in. At least I got a skybox.

Anyways I'm done venting. Time to eat then log back in. If my net could stop glitching. I sort of feel a bit better now. Talk to you later hopefully on a happier note! xoxo

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