Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crazy Days of Summer

Hello Lovelies :)

Lately has been crazy in both lives and its summer so hence the title. I have been working on a store in SL but it's taking forever due to RL which I have no control over lol The great thing is that my bestie in world is always there for me. She gives me advice, encourages me and tells me my store will do well. She even helps me when I get frustrated and can't fix something because our virtual world has mood swings.

I also love how me and her discuss blog posts, which by the way I need to do some on my shopping/review type of blog. She has an awesome blog, and did I mention amazing photography skills ? Check out her blog @

We have a blast together, she's funny, silly, and just very much like me :) It's nice to have that fun and happiness to log into especially lately with how my stepbrat aka stepsis in RL has been acting. Between her and everything else, I sometimes feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. It rained today but the weather has usually been hot and humid. We're hoping for a BBQ this weekend which will be fun.

Anyways back to building! Till next time,
Renee <3

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