Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh What A Day!

It's been a pretty crazy couple of days.

This week so far so much has happened. In world I had some major log in issues on Tuesday evening and night. It was like super slow or it would like stall on the log in window where the loading bar was almost loaded but not quite, then it would stop the rest of the loading but wouldn't crash so I had to click quit and then retry! Glad that is over with lol it was quite irritating.

Then there's the issue with the Emerald viewer and what new one to replace it with. I don't really get into it because it doesn't affect me too much and I have more important things to stress over. I will say that I think LL should make a viewer or even the people that do snowglobe, to have a version with like the 1.23 layout etc as it was user friendly, but with the bells and whistles of viewer 2.0 or even some stuff that other viewers have that we like. That's just my personal preference as because of my disability, when I'm laying down my position makes using the 2.0 viewer difficult due to the layout (its hard to explain).

In my RL we had some family emergencies going on that have drained and totally stressed us out. When I am stressed my pain gets harder to deal with and my sleep schedule is worse than it already is. But being me I try to focus on some positive things and try to keep my spirits high.

On another note there is some great stuff going on around the grid that I am excited for. We have Hair Fair that is charity related, we have the new opening of the hide & seek sim which is home to many stores including the much loved Awesome Blossom, Molto Bene & Olive Juice Poses, and finally we have the Project Donate event raising money for Unicef & helping the Pakistan Flood Crisis.

I am going to make some stuff for the event, mind you my store has yet to get a sale and unfortunately that is not good when you have a rental land or when you want to shop a tiny bit due to stress. Why cant finding a Manager's job be easier ? Or why does my disability have to get in the way lol Oh well what can ya do. I hope to get things settled this month. Anyways I am done venting for today.

Till next time,

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