Monday, September 5, 2011

A bit of History

Today is sort of a special day.

Three years ago and a half years ago I joined SL. I stayed a short while before having to take a break due to surgery and other commitments in the real world. I returned at the end of July and have been back ever since with only small breaks due to holidays, events etc...

Fast forward to today and so much has happened. I have worked, explored, made friends, owned land and much more in my SLife so far. I even got into family rp (not heavily though). It's just me, my bestie and her sl daughter. They live together, where as I live on my own land surrounded by great neighbors/friends. I have never adopted, just been an aunt a few times. But I will admit, I have had prim babies. Which brings me to the history/story for today...

I made a decision to have a prim baby on my own. I cannot remember now what brought the idea on or why I did it but I did. I saved the money from camping at this place that gave great camping deals for free money. At the time my options were slim so I purchased what I thought was a good baby, tummy talker/interactive hud, and pregnancy AO. My bestie made my birth certificate, hosted my baby shower etc...I didn't have a delivery package or anything, but I found at the last minute a midwife clinic that did last minute deliveries so on September 5th 2008 I had a baby. The doctor/midwife (she role played both) was very sweet.

Since then I had 2 other pregnancies. Only one didn't include a delivery process aside from myself being at my SL home at the time. I learned many things since that first pregnancy. Tummy talkers are annoying so if you want one don't use it in public. You should do your research before buying (there are greater options these days) and don't let people ruin your happiness. Most clinics don't do long pregnancies so if you'd like to choose months instead of weeks, discuss it with them first to see if they'll accommodate you.

I cannot have kids in real life due to my illness (not that I would at my age), so that's one of the reasons I did it. It's nice to sort of feel what it's like mind you this is way more fantasy like lol. If I ever did it again, I'd choose either a tatu baby (more realistic due to it having real needs, getting sick etc rather than most prim babies that are more 'doll like') or a zooby baby (lots of interactions, clothing, accessories, furniture etc). Both are not my fave in terms of appearance (the ones I have are my fave looks wise) but the interactive options on them are much better.

Anyways Happy Birthday to my baby Mandy who is now 3 years old technically.

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