Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Picnic

Hiya Peeps!

Friday was supposed to be picnic day. But instead it turned into intermittent rain day. We had sandwiches made, salad, some fruit, big bottle of water, plastic cups and napkins all set! I was a bit sad because I was sort of looking forward to it. Luckily none of that goes bad and its easy to make if someone decides to eat what was already prepared. So we will probably do the picnic today or Sunday depending on weather, time etc

In SL I have 2 picnic type sets with blanket and props so I think sometime later today I shall set one out and take some pictures! Each one has cute poses/animations so I think it'll be fun to play and pose for pics :)

Right now I'm awake because my body decided to wake me up. I'm in pain too which sucks. I'm also having idea overload for when I re-open my shop. I have the blog ideas, the welcome/opening ideas as well as ideas for releases. I'm also going to be in a summer themed hunt so I need to figure out what to make. I gotta release what little I have so that the store doesn't look empty during the hunt but also to get some money to buy the things that I need for making the opening releases which costs about 2k give or take. Anyways I'm going to try to relax and hopefully fall asleep.

Stay tuned on plurk for the SL picnic pics!

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