Saturday, July 23, 2011

Days of Summer

Hi Peeps!

Like many of my SL/Plurk friends, where I live has been ridiculously hot. We even beat our 2006 record of the hottest day of the year! (I don't remember the temp lol) So most of the time is spent in the doors where theres nice cool air from the A/C and then usually in the evenings at least 3 times a week we walk down to the beach for a stroll on the boardwalk. In world of course we don't feel the temperatures on the sims lol so it can rain, snow, be sunny, hot or cold & our Av's don't care lol

In RL I have had a bunch of things going on. From BBQ's to family gatherings that last until like midnight! It's fun though and I arrange the get togethers because some family members are going through rough times, so I figure let's all chill, dance, chat and have fun! Today we had a get together but unfortunately, when we decided to go to the festival down the road, it decides it's going to pour!! Everyone said oh it will pass & then we can go. Let's just say oh it stopped but then came back with a vengeance. Some of us took the bus home, especially for me so I'd not get sick. The bus situation was a pain unfortunately people can be rude & act like they cant see me in the wheelchair! Oh well at least most of the day was a blast :)

In SL I have gone exploring, shopped a tiny tiny bit at sale type events and still trying to figure out how I want my land since my original idea/plan involves things I don't have. I also finished the seasons hunt and got a few things from the Poupee hunt which I'll finish up in the next few days. My new house has space for a kitchen, the one I have is quite primmy (long story of regret why I have it) and I'm a bit picky about kitchens. Hopefully I will have the one I want once I can save some money. I'm also going to re-open a shop but for transaction purposes am thinking of using an alt. Also it will take forever for me to make all the releases I wanted for opening so I shall just start with what I have!

Anyways I hope you're all doing well, keeping cool, enjoying both RL and SL!
Till next time,
xoxox Renee

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