Friday, June 17, 2011

SL Camping Trip

Hello Lovelies,

It's been awhile since I last wrote an entry on this blog, but now that's going to change since I will be doing lots of fun things in both lives that I can report here for you to read.

On June 14th I got a notice in the group for my bestie's land. It read: Attention! and then the instructions were to pack up and bring some bug spray. That night, though technically it was now the 15th as it was after midnight we were teleported to the camping ground. My bestie had rezzed a skydome that made ya feel like you were outdoors, and it was decorated with tents, grass, trees, rocks, logs with pillows for sitting around the fire, there were smores, marshmallows to roast, hotdogs, hot cocoa, beer and soda. Options for everyone! We had such a blast telling stories, playing games, chatting etc ... The next day we had the kiddos do a scavenger hunt, what they thought were just decor rocks, were actually cleverly placed hunt prizes! That night after the hunt we ate some more, chatted, and read stories again. It has been such a blast being on this camping trip considering I hate camping in RL lol Tonight was our last night, we took some awesome pictures for memories, (I will post one here when my bestie puts them on flickr) and then cleaned up so we could go home. Now I'm sitting here waiting for my bestie to come back from being afk so we can finish decorating her land for SL summer!

Till next time, <3 Renee

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