Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend of Fun!

Hello My Peeps!

Its been awhile since I wrote here. How are things with you? Hopefully good! This weekend for me was pretty fun. I played board games on Friday & Today (Sunday, altough its technically Monday since it's past midnight). My cousin won on Friday and then I won today's game. The only crappy part really was the snowstorm which caused me major pains as thats just how I get during crappy weather, but at least playing the game kept me a bit distracted!

I also loved a bunch of things that were released for the weekend type events/deals, and for Spruce up your Space in SL. I spent Saturday late night (went into Sunday) listening and laughing while my bestie was drunk on voice lol She was beyond hilarious thats for sure.

Then today (Sunday), my aunt, uncle and two cousins came over for the day to hang out. We talked, ate dinner, laughed our asses off because we're all a bunch of jokesters lol it was so much fun. I laughed soo much at times I couldn't breathe for a second lol My cousin also demonstrated some funny stuff that happened on the weekend at his tae kwon do tournament. What a blast!

Now I sit here in world, looking at my sleeping kitty and trying to decide on what to pick up before the good deals of the weekend are up. I'm also deciding on a house. There were a few from different stores released this weekend but I'm in love with others. Better yet I'll stick with my cute one called Hope from *Funky Junk*.
Hope your weekend was great! till next time,

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