Sunday, March 25, 2012

It makes you Think

Hi Peeps!

Its such a beautiful day. I love the warm sunny weather. My RL birthday is next month so as I was ticking things off of my to do list, I started thinking of stuff I'm looking forward to and things I might want to do. In RL I have lots planned including writing more, going to the beach, and having lots of social gatherings.

In SL, I'm going to finish my new look/makeover, take more pictures & not worry if they meet other people's standards because they're memories not pics for a magazine lol. I will socialize more in person rather than just IMs or on Plurk, maybe go to more events, explore and get my blog going. I also miss working in world, not just for the money but for the fun & creativity. I think I might start a little store (furniture,props,decor etc) but it won't be for awhile because I need to save for things like AvSitter, sculpt maps/kits, textures and animations because my medical stuff doesn't allow enough time to learn to sculpt & use PS etc...nor does it allow me to apply to jobs in world due to scheduling, but once I get some stuff, my creative side (I used to do arts & crafts in RL) will get me building stuff for a little store.

Ok I think that's enough thinking & reflecting for now. I shall write again soon. Have a great Sunday. xoxox

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