Sunday, April 15, 2012

We Can Do This!

Hi Everyone :)

First off let me thank you all for your continuous support & voting in this past week. I truly appreciate all the help. I'm writing this up as a reminder & to help those who may not know the story or the rules.

How many times can I vote? - Every Day/24 Hours
Can I also vote from work, my phone or tablet? - Yes Please Do
Do I need a Promo Code? - N0, but it adds 5 votes one time per person, per code.
Do You have a list of Promo Codes? - Yes (use each code 1 time)
  • 725
  • 745
  • 810
  • 825
  • 831
  • 847
  • 848
  • 849
  • 850
  • 889
  • 935
Please continue to spread the word, and pass out this blog link if needed. These votes are very needed, and much appreciated. I don't usually ask for anything but winning a van would be a dream come true. Thanks again.
Link to Vote - Click Here

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