Thursday, June 7, 2012

I felt like Writing

Hiya Lovelies :)

I'm in the mood to write, not for any particular reason really just felt like it. I did my usual routine of getting onto my computer, checking plurk & emails, reading blogs and going through SL notices. (I accidentally left myself logged in all night oops)

I recently had a long convo with my SL bestie about the old days, how things have changed both in good & bad ways and overall our experiences in the 4 years we've been on SL. It was nice to reminisce. One topic that was interesting was how many people we know who were anti-family in SL (adopting kid/teen avs, pregnancy/prim babies, family RP in general) and how they're so immersed in that lifestyle now. I feel like now people don't need to be as secretive about adopting or having prim babies as most people are not bothered by it anymore. Granted this doesn't mean everyone likes or accepts it but a l0t more do which makes it easier for those deciding to want that as part of their SLife.

There's also a ton more options now a days to aid in the role playing experience and its all about personal choice/preference in the level/amount of role play you want in your SLife. I've been debating on doing a series of blog posts on info regarding adopting kid/teen Avs including adoption locations in world. I'd also write some in regards to virtual pregnancy, the latest resources available to aid in making your experience exactly as you want it and lists of various clinics around the grid. Should I?

Now onto some things I'm thinking about & planning for the next few months. First off I'd like to finally get my inventory back to how it was before which is perfectly organized lol I used to keep it so well maintained and lately with being so busy its a mess! I'm pretty sure I've decided which of the two fave kitchens I like, I'm going to get but I still have to save quite a bit unless I get one piece at a time lol (not naming the store as with my luck it'd get sent to me & that's not what I'm after)...I also want to start blogging again & even do an everyday type blog of interesting things I've done and interesting places I visit. I'm also thinking of getting a custom house made. I have tons of houses & I use them all but I always feel bad for having to majorly modify them due to my prim count. For now though Ive got some cute ones to last me. I'm also now able to spoil myself a little here & there providing budget allows it. I'm blaming my friend Rylan for the fact that I'm going to have a zooby baby this year lol...Oh and I need all the creators to stop making things so hard to decide on lol I'm not rich but I love all the pretties!! I also need some help tinting some feet/shoes with feet. I changed to Aura briar cream tone skin & want to buy slink feet & Maitreya flip flops. So if you're good at it IM or Plurk me please :)

Over all I'm quite happy in my SLife and love my close friends. We so need to get together more often. Summer parties!! Anyways enough of my crazy ramblings, hope you're all having a fabulous day!

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