Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun Filled Night!

I was online during different parts of the day.

Then around 10:30pm my family & I decided to watch a movie in RL. Once it was done and I did my nightly routine, I came back to my computer to chat with my friend. She then says she wants us to go shopping so we can take some fun pictures! Sounded good to me :)

I never imagined it would get as silly and hilarious as it was! She was laughing soo much that I swear she sounded like she couldn't breathe lol We took like a million pictures! Ok maybe that's a slight exaggeration lol but hey we had fun taking them. Every time we did one, another one came to mind. My fave part was how we mix matched poses from different sets. Like merging a pose from a couples set, into a group set lol tooooo fun!

It totally kept me occupied and distracted. It was fun, like I haven't had that kinda fun in world in a little while. It was just soo funny. We even used those emoter huds to make silly faces and such! Then we had funny convos through the whole photo session. Oh and we even played with our shapes and like maxed sliders LOL...I'm also blaming Rylan on my Plurk timeline for me now wanting a baby lol and now I can't afford it yet. Where's an SL genie when ya need one ? lol

Anyways here's a picture of our crazy fun filled night of silliness! Enjoy! xoxox Renee

**Picture Coming Soon**

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