Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter has Arrived!

It's not my fave season!

So it's getting cooler, rainier and there has been a tiny bit of snow! The Christmas decor is all up on the porch and inside the house. It was so much fun, we decorated while listening to festive music yay! The other night in SL my friend and I did some snowboarding, exploring winter sims and went sledding around a sim. We are busy bees but have a ton of fun at least :p

Stores are prepping for the holidays & winter by releasing themed items, starting the advent gifts, a bunch of hunts including some with great stores participating, setting transferable options, and of course decorating for the season on the sims/parcels.

I love this time of year for its festivities and decorating as I love pretty things. I do not however like the cold, the rain or sometimes the snow (aside from a light sprinkle of it) because I tend to get aches and pains along with lung related stuff and it just sucks. However I do stay happy & positive as well as try to distract my self with SL or the Sims 3 or socializing.

Did I mention that SLanta should hire me as an elf ? I'd be so cute lol Anyways I'm off to distract myself and hope that the rain stops tonight at some point soon. Love ya lots xoxox

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