Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas with my SL Family!

After tons of issues getting dressed....

I teleported to my sister's house! There was my niece, and two sisters sitting and waiting for me. Even Santa showed up to leave us some coals with presents in them :O it was fun! In between SL crashing, not responding, not rezzing, glitching etc we opened presents and took pictures.

Everyone loved the cute little sweetly written notecards I wrote for them. Each one was personal to the person. Then my little niece opened her presents because kids come first! We all got to open our presents, and were so very thankful and excited! Lots of great goodies but most of all great memories made, laughs, fun and just an overall good time shared.

Next on the list besides shopping & inventory sorting, is to wrap/box the rest of the presents for some of my friends! Anyways hope your weekend went well! xoxox

Renee <3

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