Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Letter to SLanta!

Dear SLanta,

Hope you are having a great day! I'm sure you're making sure everything on your to do list is getting done, as well as doing the run through before the big day. I love this time of year and not because I get pressies if I'm good, but because I love decorating as well as seeing decorations everywhere. Festive movies and music everywhere you turn, it's wonderful!

xoxox Renee xoxox
Now every year I get asked the same question. What do you want for Christmas?
Well the truth is I want everyone to be happy and healthy. For everyone to be surrounded by joy, laughter and to be in a cozy home with delicious food. I also pray for those who don't get those luxuries and hope that communities will get together to help them. I want the holidays to be great for people in both the physical and virtual worlds.

Now for those of my silly loving friends and family that ask me every year in SL what I want for Christmas, here is a tiny paste list for you to choose from. I also love giftcards. This is my personal wishlist that I use to save up for the items. You don't have to get me anything as your friendship is more than enough but for those that like to give gifts, the list is a guide to what I like :)

Now its time for me to continue my sl Christmas shopping and wrap things up in cute boxes!!

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