Saturday, December 4, 2010

Displaying of Names

You can now have display names in world.

Providing the viewer you use supports that feature lol It's a new feature in our lovely virtual community, which surely will be abused by many but at least it serves some good purpose to others. I can see it working especially for couples, or when a family adopts a child Av, or even if you want a shorter version of your name.

Then for new residents signing up, they now have taken out last names (although some were quite fun/funny) and have made it so that you can have whatever name you wish providing its not taken. This is great for most people unless you get pissed that the name you want has already been chosen and therefore you need to create a different version.

I personally just want to be able to edit my name. I'd love to remove the numbers from it, and then to have a different last name or like the new sign ups, have Resident as the last name which is hidden. I truly do wish that I had been smart enough to create a new account before purchasing a lot of stuff. I mean some things are transfer but most isn't.

Anyways that's just my little opinion. I gotta decide how much I hate the name, enough to start over or not that's the question isn't it....Anyways back in world I go lol I need to stop thinking so darn much. xoxoxo Renee <3

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