Friday, January 21, 2011

Get the Layered Look with Any Viewer

Hi Peeps!

Ok so we all love the layered look, or well a lot of us do lol Like a cute dress with a cardigan, or a sweater added to a top & jeans etc But not all of us like to use the viewer 2 series of SL, and many use third party viewers that don't include the add/multiple layers option.

So my brain being its usual over thinking self, saw that some of my jeans in my inventory come on the underpants layer and then I remembered that most shirts come on all layers. So I thought to myself, ok if I wear my jeans on the underpants layer & wear a tank top on the shirt and pants layers then I can add a hoodie on the jacket layer. It totally worked lol

I then tried with a dress. This time I used the shirt layer, underpants layer and the prim skirt. Then the cardigan was on the jacket layer with its prim parts.

So it might not always work with every item or outfit you have or want to wear, but for many outfits you can totally layer using the viewer of your choice! Thank goodness for designers that give us clothes on all layers!

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